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How to Travel Safely without Looking Like a Tourist

Posted on 15 June 2019 by (0)

Camouflaging when traveling enables you to blend in easily and ward off people that take advantage of tourists. When traveling, the ability to camouflage will reduce chances of being a crime victim. Here are guidelines to help you travel safely without looking like a tourist.

Adjust Your Look Accordingly

When traveling, have the local attitudes and traditions in mind as well as religious beliefs. Adjust accordingly to blend in with ease. But, don’t struggle to look like the local people. However, don’t look like a tourist. Aim to achieve moderation while adjusting. This will enable you to avoid offending other people. It will also protect you from assault and robbery.

Take Photos Subtly

Tourists are characterized by their tendency of craning necks whenever they come across new sights. Taking photos discriminately is one thing. However, dangling from the neck constantly will capture the attention of everyone. Avoid this to ensure that people don’t see you like a tourist.

Find the Way Discreetly if You Get Lost

You will draw attention to yourself if you stop and stand with mouth open staring into your phone at the center of a busy city. So, if you get lost, get into a coffee shop or café and try to get bearings from there. You can even ask the shopkeeper to give you directions. That way, you will get more reliable information and a respectful treatment.

Note Body Language

How people perceive you will largely depend on what you put on and how you conduct yourself. Therefore, be mindful of what you put on and how you conduct yourself. You can also use special travel gear to protect your belongings. When traveling or walking in unfamiliar remote areas, keep your identity protected. Avoid having your credit cards scanned illegally.

Follow these guidelines to travel safely without looking like a tourist no matter where you are traveling to.